The Plastic Professionals – Rotational Molder

The Plastic Professionals – Over the years, The Plastic Professionals has transformed many exciting customer driven product ideas into profitable solutions.  Each project guided from concept to completion by our team of rotational molding experts. Partnering with The Plastic Professionals assures our customers’ long term success.

Our talented staff converts conceptual design ideas into robust 3D solid models. The 3D models are used to rapidly generate a superior, long lasting, cast aluminum tool utilizing our in-house mold building team and foundry equipment.

The operations team is equipped with the latest purchasing and resource planning tools to manage even the most complicated production requirements. Additionally, the experienced rotational molding staff ensures that customer defined quality requirements are met or exceeded every time.

The Plastic Professionals is centrally located in Atlantic, Iowa can meet all of your logistic requirements at very competitive rates.

The Plastic Professionals want to be your first choice for one-stop rotational molding success.

Rotomolded parts

Cast Rotational Molding Tool