For many of you across the country, it has been a hard winter and even getting into the office and retail stores were trying at times. But while outside today, I saw purple, yellow and white crocus blooming which means spring is on the way!

With spring starting, SSI is gearing up for the busiest time of our year. We look forward to final fiscal year end orders from our clients large and small and appreciate your business as always! Please let us know what needs you have and we’ll do our best to meet them.

Below please enjoy an article from HKC Consulting regarding a dispenser test with two retailers in Kansas. Also, we’d like to introduce you to Kayt Gabrielson, the newest addition to our SSI Sales and Marketing Team.

Meet Kayt!

SSI New Product Marketing Manager

Kayt Gabrielson Product Marketing Manager

Kayt Gabrielson joined SSI in January as the New Product Marketing Manager. Kayt will be responsible for leading the overall marketing strategies for SSI including overseeing product design, development, testing and enhancements. She will also be managing SSI advertising and oversee efforts at trade shows.

Kayt received her MBA from the University of Phoenix and a BS from Iowa State University.

“Kayt is a great fit for SSI because of her ample marketing experience and specific knowledge of retail marketing. SSI is a world leader in lottery instant ticket dispensing and lottery point of sale materials and Kayt will help us continue to expand and enhance our product offerings around the world” noted Teresa Immel, Director of Sales and Marketing for SSI.

Kayt will be attending numerous lottery and gaming conferences and trade shows in the next year including the NASPL Lottery Leadership Institute. She is excited to learn more about the industry and meet you!

Kansas Lottery Retailers Enjoy Double-Digit Sales Increases With SSI On-Counter Dispensers

Kansas Lottery retailers who moved tickets from in-counter displays onto the front counter reported dramatic instant scratch game sales increases. Woods Mini Mart in Lawrence, KS, showed sales increases of 63 percent in instant sales. TJ’s Express in Topeka, KS, had sales increases of 77 percent for the test period.

The two store tests of on-counter instant lottery ticket displays were conducted November, 2014, through January, 2015, by Henderson Kessinger Consulting of Overland Park, KS, sponsored by Schafer Systems, Inc., of Adair, IA. The test stores had all their games displayed in in-counter units before moving games into SSI Dual 6″ GEN2 Modular Mini ® dispensers for the test.
Woods’ 63 percent sales increase far exceeds the performance of a similar store nearby without tickets on the counter that experienced a 35 percent drop in sales.
TJ’s 77 percent increase compared to another store in the neighborhood that had a three percent increase without moving tickets onto the counter, while another store had a 50 percent increase for the test period.
Jonnie Tucker, manager of TJ’s said she was hesitant initially to make the move. “I was hesitant at first, but it’s a lot better,” Tucker said. “It took a while for regular customers to get used to it, but they found it easier to shop and to see the whole game and how to play.”

Tucker added that the on-counter set up helps the checkout lines moves faster as customers don’t hold up the line shopping an in-counter dispenser. “People can step to the side and take their time to shop while I check out other customers,” Tucker explained. “They are buying more than before. They see new games while shopping the display for their regular games.”

Tucker reported the only downside from her viewpoint is that the display is tall and she can’t see over it. However, she added that she just steps to the side and can easily see around it.

Don Saunders, Vice-President for Wood Oil, Leavenworth, KS, said he wasn’t sure about moving tickets onto the counter, but after seeing the results from the Wood’s test store in Lawrence, he was convinced it was a good idea.

Saunders said that a manager in another Woods store had been asking when they could put the tickets back into the in-counter display. After hearing the test sales results, Saunders said, “With those kinds of results, we won’t be doing that anytime soon.”

A clerk in the Lawrence store said she noticed the increase in sales for instant games, but said to her, the biggest benefit was that the dispensers on the counter are much easier on her back as she is not constantly bending over to pull or refill tickets.

TJ’s Before

TJ's Before

TJ’s After

TJ's After

Woods Mini-Mart Before

Woods Mini-Mart Before

Woods Mini-Mart After

Woods Mini-Mart After

Lottery Ticket Dispenser

Dual Snap-together 4″ Modular Mini

A crystal clear way to display tickets, in the Dual 4″ Modular Mini Snap-together dispensers are very versatile. They can sit alone on the counter, or can be stacked to create a column of lottery tickets.

These dispensers fit almost anywhere and can accommodate many different ticket sizes. Mix and match these dispensers for increased capacity and game versatility. The Modular Minis are injection molded for extreme durability!

Four Game was shown, but can stack 6 units high ( a total of 24 games)  Dual Slide mount to attach dispenser on the counter

Schafer Systems Inc.
1000 Flag Road
Adair, Iowa 50002 USA

SSI added our new Rotating Ticket Menu Board (TMB) to our catalog this month!  The product was designed by request from several lotteries looking for new display options at retail.

The Rotating TMB features the popular After Glow feature on the corners, which appear to glow when light shines on them.  Lightweight, clear panels easily load into the frame and come with pockets to hold 4″ x 4″ display cards.  A durable turntable is attached on the bottom.

Two sizes are available, each holding 24 games.

Find out more here:

SSI Rotating TMB

 2x3 model with Yellow After Glow 1x6 model shown with Red After Glow